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Company introduction

We offer non-stop, round trip bus transportation service, with English-speaking guide, to the Mutianyu Great Wall every day. Depart from Beijing Downtown subway station at 7:30am, return to the departure point at around 4:30pm. The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall lies in the Huairou District of Beijing, 73 kilometers from the city center. With an average height of of 535 meters, Mutianyu Great Wall is 2,250 meters long. Originally built in the Northern Qi Dynasty and repaired during the Ming Dynasty, the Mutianyu section is one of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall. Its construction is the largest in terms of scale and the best quality among all sections of Great Wall. In 1987, it was listed as one of the “16 Most Beautiful Tourists Sites of New Beijing”. In 1992, it was ranked as one of the “World’s Best of Beijing Tour”, and listed as Unesco World Heritage Site by United Nations. . .

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Why us ?

You have the attention of human customer service representatives to answer your questions, unlike other travel websites who only use computer robots to deal with you. Some travel websites mark a low price to lure you, and it will suddenly change to a much higher price when you are ready to check out, while our price is transparent and consistent. We position our service in between a private transportation and a regular public bus. Our price is much lower than a private transportation with similar experience, and this experience is superior to riding a regular public bus since our tour bus goes direct (with no shop stops) to the entrance of Great Wall from Beijing downtown, and we have English-speaking guide on board, there is no need to transfer. While a regular public bus requires you to transfer and no one can answer your questions in English.

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